When the Macon County Enhanced 911 Board was formed in the early 1990's an agreement was reached with the Macon County

Commission that the original signage of the newly named roads would be paid for out of the 911 sales tax funds. Prior to going online

in August of 1994, the signs were installed, and the maintenance of these signs was assumed by the County Commission.

After a little over 1 year, the Commission approached the 911 board requesting assistance in maintaining the signage.

They reported over 350 signs missing or damaged, and after reviewing several options, an agreement was reached

that the Macon County 911 Board would have an employee "patrol" the county monthly, documenting missing signs

and replacing them the following month. Each agency would pay 1/2 of wages and benefits while this employee

was performing road sign duties, and the commission would be responsible for all other costs of maintaining the road signs.

At the end of 2016, the 911 board reviewed the current practice and asked to meet with the commission to hopefully improve

overall road sign maintenance. Several meetings where held with current County Commissioners and after reviewing the overall mission of a

911 dispatch center, and learning the current Commissions' views on the issue, the board unanimously voted in April to "disengage" Macon County

Enhanced 911 from any future road sign maintenance activities. The 911 board met with the commission on April 6th to advise them of that decision.